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Get The Look: Elle Fanning

Long time no see!

It HAS been a long time since my last post but I'm back again with more ideas and a lot to share. As you may know I recently moved to a new flat in Belfast so it has been a crazy journey but now that I've finally settled, I can take care of my baby that is this beautiful and renovated blog.

First, I want to introduce you to a new series of "Get The Look". I decided to find some styles that I like and tell you where you can find the same clothes or similar ones.

I found this photo of Elle Fanning browsing through Tumblr and I really liked her style here. She always makes bold fashion statements and sometimes I don't like what she wears but there are many times where I've thought how beautiful she looks with the fashion choices she makes.

What I like about this look is the simplicity of it. I'm always inclined to dress with comfy jeans, dresses... That's why I totally love this look on her. Also, if you have legs for days like Elle, this dress will make wonders.

I found these three different dresses on H&M that look very similar to Elle's. The first one is loose like hers but has a turtleneck. Also, if you want a more tightened dress there's the second option: a light grey dress very similar to hers but more fitted. And if you want to combine a turtleneck and a tight dress, there is the third option.

Finally, if you want to make a statement or maybe not freeze while going to uni, I bring to you this last option. A loose grey dress from Pull & Bear. And as you may see, the model also styles with a pair of chunky boots.

For the shoes, Lately I've found myself liking mor chunky boots or cut out boots than more simply ones so I'm bringing you a variety of options to combine with these dresses.

The first three are from H&M. The first one is a simple ankle boot that looks like Elle's on this outfit. The second one is one of my favourites and I'm not a high heel person but I find these kind of boots so comfortable that I find them a great option to wear with this outfit. And finally, the third one will work for those cold days or if you don't feel like showing a lot of skin. Any choice would be perfect.

And these other three boots are from Pull&Bear. The first one is also one of my favourites as I love these military-like boots. The cut out boots can also work with this outfit and also can be worn with some cool socks to give the look a little bit of fun. The leather-like knee-high boots are a little bit fancier than the H&M ones and give a smart vibe to the look.

Choosing the best bag to go with this outfit has been a real struggle. I'm addicted to bags and I tend to love them all. I've forced myself to choose only two and these are the winners:

Both are from ZARA and the one with the feather is my favourite. It gives such a chic look to the bag that I absolutely want to have it in my possession. The second one is also really pretty and I like that it has a golden chain instead of being silver.

I really hope you like these kind of posts as I enjoyed really much writing it. Leave me some feedback on the comments and don't forget to follow me on social media to be the first one to know when I upload a new post to the blog!

See you all soon!

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