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Today I want to talk to you about the fabulous website FEELUNIQUE. I discovered this website through another blogger, Inthefrow, when she made a beauty haul video where she showed every product that she got. In that moment I had to check out if they were that good and yes, they were.
Being from a small city in Spain we don't get to have loads of beauty products. We have the fortune of having a Sephora in the city but still, the city doesn't offer as many products as a mere Boots here in the UK offers. As a result of that, I decided to browse through their website and see if they had products that I couldn't get in Spain and also if the same products that I could buy here were cheaper. Also, having a free delivery spending more than 15€/£10 was more than reasonable to decide to place an order.

In my first purchase I got a "First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream" cream, a product nonexistent in Spain which has helped me a lot with some skin struggles. I have always had a sensitive skin that tends to have spots, pimples... And this skin care cream has been perfect for me. Also, thanks to this website, if you have a product in mind and are not sure about buying it or not, there's always the review section where loads of customers leave their opinions so you can decide before purchasing.

I also got some Aussie shampoos and conditioners. In Spain they are really expensive. And here they had a fantastic offer so it was a no-brainer. I got these three: "Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture", "Aussie Colour Mate" and "Aussie Miracle Recharge Luscious Long".
The first one has helped a lot with my hair as it tends to be really dry and tangled after a shower. The second one has also made a noticeable change in my hair. I have had a dramatic ombrè in my hair for a while and my ends were a really bright blonde, almost silver, so Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo has been the perfect shampoo to maintain it. And finally, the best product of all, the Luscious Long leave-in conditioner. Having long hair it is already a struggle for lots of us but dealing also with an almost platinum blonde ends... that is a lot of work if you want to maintain it healthy. This conditioner changed my life. I have to spend less time on my hair and my crazy life is really greatful.

Finally, the last thing I got was actually a gift for myself. I always wanted to have a "Tangle Teezer" brush and since I saw the compact ones I really needed to have one. In Spain they're almost nowhere to be seen so this was my only opportunity. Also, they had been out of stock for a while so when I saw them back, I had to buy one. I chose the golden one and let me say that it is the cutest hair brush ever. It is really good that you can cover it so the bristles won't bend and also hairs won't be left in your purse or bag if you decide to take it with you.

I hope this post was helpful for all of you who sometimes wonder if ordering beauty products online is a good idea or not. For me has been a great experience and I still order from them from time to time now that I live in the UK. They have great deals and when I cannot find something in my local shops, I know I can rely on Feelunique,

Disclaimer: Neither Feelunique or any of the brands mentioned on this post have sponsored me to write this.

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