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Belfast nights

I have been living in Belfast for the last three months. I came in August with the idea of getting a job in Dublin but stayed here because there is something about this city that made me love her more than I ever imagined I would. Because of that I decided to write this post telling you what has been my weekly night routine.

I have never been a girl that loved partying every night. I also never got the chance to go out every night as the city that I'm from has a lack of night activity. But here everything changed. Maybe because of the people I was living with or maybe because I told myself to enjoy every moment of life. All in all I decided to write a post where I can share the best places to go in Belfast each night.


This is my favourite night of all and I love starting the post writing about this day. There is a band called The Buckmad Bhoys and they play every monday in Fibber Magee's. They are nothing and everything you would expect from an Irish band. They of course sing the classics (Wild Rover, Galway Girl, Molly Malone,,,) in the best way possible but on top of that they make Irish versions of popular songs. My favourite one has to be Madonna's "Like a Virgin". They make an exceptional version of this song worth coming back to Fibber Magge's every monday.


Laverys is the one of the oldest pubs in Belfast and although in the inside it has been renovated, downstairs has the most Irish vive in the entire building. It has different areas and my favourite one is where you can play pool while listening to the latest hits. But above all, the main reason we would go on tuesdays is because the Game of Thrones cast used to be there while filming. It is no secret if you are on social media that Kit Harington of Iwan Rheon have been spotted there several times.

Also, every Tuesday you can have a laugh at The Empire as they host a "Comedy Night" for only £8. It is really a bargain.

On wednesdays, we usually went on pub crawls. If you're not familiar with this term, it means that we would take the guests to several pubs in one night. There are a lot of Irish pubs in Belfast but our favourite ones were Duke of York (pictured above), Whites Tavern and The Dirty Onion. Of all these, my first choice would be Duke of York, not only for its beautiful decorations but also because often there would be live music, Irish of course, and they have the most amazing singers. Also, the exterior is decorated with different flags going from side to side the street and flowers all over the walls. The Dirty Onion is across the street and in the middle there is a narrow alleyway where we can see street artwork.


Not leaving The Empire behind, on thursdays they also host a "Blues Night" and let me tell you that they have one of the best bands playing. Once, I went there with a friend from New Orleans and he said that the music made him feel like home. In addition to having blues every thursday, The Empire is also known for having cover bands such as Kings of Lyon or Four Fighters.


The Filthy Quarter is a really interesting place to go. Not only because they hosted the Game of Thrones wrap party this year, which I had the opportunity to attend, but also because it has four different atmospheres. First there's Filthy McNastys, a quirky decorated area where usually live music would amuse the evening. Second, The Secret Garden. An area with different and more actual music with two different floors. It is outside so it's ideal for smokers but don't fear the cold nights because there's heaters everywhere. The third area is the cozy Filthy Chic where they prepare the best cocktails in the area. Finally the last area is The Gypsy Lounge where the most famous Northern Ireland DJ's play a mix of alternative party tracks and indie anthems.

Kelly's Cellars is actually the oldest pub in Belfast. It was built in 1720 and you can sense that vibe the moment you enter into the pub. Every time that I have gone inside there has been a band playing and they are really good. Also, there is a part of the pub decorated with stickers all around the world and I found myself very surprised when I saw some ones from the Basque Country, where I was born.

I really hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you are coming to Belfast. Of course there are also many choices in the city and loads of things to do these same days of the week, I wanted to share with you my favourite pubs and clubs.

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