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This week I felt confident enough to go to a crowded place like the Botanic Gardens and shoot some photos of the outfit I was wearing.

This shirt/jacket is my favourite of the year and I've been wearing it nonstop. Being able to wear it without a coat over it was a total bless so I wanted to show you the entire outfit.

I just really love the way this shirt goes with everything. Skirts, jeans, dresses... Although my favourite way to wear it is with ripped jeans and a t-shirt.

I'm also in love with all the details on it. And obviously the Captain America shield is my favourite one. I just love to wear it over my Winter Soldier t-shirt. (Nerd alert!)

Also, I'm wearing my favourite handbag. It can be worn crossed or on one shoulder. And I like to throw in some more details so I added a sonic screwdriver. (Again, nerd alert)

I hope you like this outfit or that it inspires you to achieve some great looks.

We'll see each other in the next one ;)

Shirt/Jacket - Pull&Bear
Baywatch t-shirt - Primark
Ripped Jeans - Primark
Handbag - MANGO (old)
Shoes - Primark (super old)

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