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Christmas Decor

It is definitely the season to be jolly so I'm bringing to you these Christmas decor ideas. For me, when decorating, everything is about color. First you have to pick up a color and then create a whole theme around it. For you I have chosen three different styles: Gold & Red, White/Silver & Gold and Silver.

Gold & Red
This is my mom's favourite. Usually we mainly choose red ornaments for the tree and throw a little bit of gold here and there. To give it a little bit of a more golden vibe, the lights should be yellow-ish instead of the more common white or colour ones. Also we decorate the whole living room with golden garlands and ribbons.

For setting the dining table, our first choice is a red tablecloth with gold details and matching napkins. We also use to have a centerpiece made of leaves, poinsettias and usually a red candle in the middle.

This style may be the most traditional one.

White/Silver & Gold
This is also a traditional style and one of my favourites. If we decide to go white and gold, my advice is to pick more gold ornaments for the Christmas tree and then complete it with white lights. Another choice is to choose a white Christmas tree and decorate it only with golden ornaments Also, around the house we can add some white candles, gold ribbons and new cushions for the living room.

For the table I would choose a white tablecloth and then add some golden details such as serviette rings, candles and a beautiful golden centrepiece.

For this Christmas theme, I suggest to do absolutely everything silver and maybe throw in some white flowers and/or candles. It is perfect for a white Christmas. Where I live in Spain it never snows in Christmas so I find this theme the perfect one if we want to feel that snowy vibe.

Finally, for the dining table, I would go the same way; everything silver. White tablecloth with maybe some embroidered Christmas details in silver and then silver ornaments everywhere. A centrepiece, serviette rings, candle holders...

I also would love to share with you some photographs of last Christmas decorations at home last year where I decided to also decorate my room with some lights, photographs... This year it's going to be the first time that I'm away so I don't even know if I'll have time to decorate (I hope I will) so as a reminder of the good times, I'm sharing with you these photographs.

I hope you liked these ideas and I wish you a really happy Christmas with your loved ones.

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