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One of the things that I love in general is social media. It is no secret that the one that I love the most is Instagram, and although their editing options have improved a lot over the years, I became used to edit my photos on VSCO. You can download it on the App Store for iOS or Google Play if you use Android. I use the one for iOS.

The display is very intuitive and you can choose any photo from your phone. Also, and what I really love, is that if you have a theme in Instagram, as many people have at the moment, you can see if your photos fit before uploading them to Instagram. Currently I am trying to keep up with a "cold" theme but I cannot help to throw colour once in a while.

Usually I choose the F2 filter but there are so many to choose from that sometimes I feel that I'm going to spend hours editing a photo. Don't get me wrong, I love editing them but I'm an indecisive person so it is not so good for me to have that many options. Also, if you're not a bif fan of filters, there is the option to edit every single aspect of the photo by yourself. From hardness to exposure, saturation... everything.

I combine both of them as I like sometimes my photos to have more contrast than the one that these filters provide.

Also, for my themed photos not only I use cold colours and filters but also I tend to photograph the same things. I have no shame to say that I am an Instagram cliché really and admit to love photographing skies, food and of course, Michi, my cat.

I will leave a few of my favourite and latest ones for you to judge. Also, of course, follow me on Instagram (@redbloodymary) for updates on my daily adventures. Although I'm living in Belfast, I'm taking a month to relax in my hometown, Bilbao (Spain).

 Disclaimer: Neither Instagram nor VSCO has sponsored me to write this post.

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