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Hello everyone! Today I bring you a different kind of post. These past few days I've been going crazy designing a tattoo that I plan on getting next month. I won't share yet what I'm getting but I'm really excited with the design I'm putting together.

This small journey of deciding what to get and where made me remember the usual questions I get when someone discovers I already have five tattoos. They're small so usually nobody notices them. I even remember talking to a tattoo artist when we were trying to design my sixth (it didn't happen in the end) and he thought it was going to be my first. Apparently I don't seem like a person who likes tattoos and getting tattooed.

So today I'm going to share with you the frequently asked questions I get and why sometimes they annoy me.

1. Do you realize that they're permanent and you're going to have them when you're like 60 years old?

Well yes. I do. And if I don't like them then I can get them removed and If I like them, which probably I will, they will keep me company until they cremate me and share my ashes with the fishes.

2. Did they hurt? Do they worth the pain?

Yes they hurt. Some more than others. It's not like someone is tickling you. It is a needle going into your skin, not a feather caressing your skin. And I knew this before getting tattooed so yes they worth the pain. It's not like they are killing you.

3. What would your family think?

My parents are really cool with them. Don't get me wrong, they don't like tattoos and they wouldn't get them but they respect that I like them and also that I am 27 years old living on my own in another country... They trust me and it's not like I'm going to ink my face.

4, Shouldn't they mean something?

Should they? In a way sometimes I think of tattoos as art. Not that mine are really elaborated (I've got a tiny arrow on a wrist, there's no art in that) but I think that if it doesn't mean anything it's not a big deal. Some of mine mean something, some don't.

5. Aren't you afraid of not getting the job of your dreams because of them?

No. At least not here in Belfast. Maybe in Spain they're more picky although I've never had any problems but here I feel people don't really care about your tattoos, only about if you're good at your job or not.

6. What would your kids think of you?

I don't know. That I'm a cool mom? A weird mom? A normal mom? They may like them, they may not. What I'm sure is that they won't get any tattoos until they're 18. Then they can do whatever they want. It's their skin. It would be very hypocrite to deny them their freedom if they want a design that I don't like, I just want them to be sure of the consequences.

And... I think those are the most asked questions I get when I talk about my tattoos or when someone discovers them. Also I'll leave a few photos of them. If you want to know their meaning just let me know and I'll write a little bit about them in a new post.

See you in the next one!

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